In Connecticut, and back east in general, Dunkin’ Donuts are e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. turns out. We went there and grabbed a donut quick one morning for breakfast-WAY healthy, but oh so good. Then we went to a… View Post

You will NEVER believe me! But guess who reads my blog.!. SANTA!!!! I got my crepe maker for Christmas and we busted it out for the first time last weekend. We had friends over and… View Post

I love making and having muffins. There’s nothing better in the morning then having breakfast sitting there waiting for you…and all you have to do is eat it, no effort required! That’s why I like… View Post

Who doesn’t like a little breakfast food for dinner?  I know I do. It’s a little more enjoyable cooking when various types of sugar are included.  Cinnamon Apple French Toast  Recipe adapted from food network,… View Post