We’ve become good friends with two other couples here at school, and the wives and I switch off who makes dinner for everyone. It’s a pretty sweet deal! Emily made these enchiladas and I asked… View Post

Being healthy is really important to me. Ya I’m not always good at it, and I could most definitely be better, there’s no question about that! I belong to a gym that offered a one hour free… View Post

I love nail polish! My mother-in-law is the queen of all things OPI, she has a ton of it and I miss having access to her stockpile. My favorite colors are Little Red Wagon, Eiffel for This Color and You… View Post

Thank you to everyone who entered the Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection Perfume Giveaway! It was my most successful giveaway to date, as far as entries are concerned. Follow Ralph Lauren Fragrance on Twitter @RalphLaurenFrag… View Post