Sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh at yourself!   Last night for dinner we ate……wait for it……cereal! I totally failed! I made something in the crockpot and put the noodles in at the beginning!!! By… View Post

Tender, Savory Easy Coconut Chicken strips are easy and delicious! You can bake them or fry them. You choose! Great step by step instructions.   This was one of the first recipes I posted and… View Post

I can’t believe it! When I started this blog it was for personal reasons, as simple as that! Calling my mom every time I was cooking one of her recipes was getting old so I… View Post

Dinner tonight was leftovers. Yesterday we ate dinner at my in-laws so I didn’t have to cook! Sad to say but we had a lot of our pot roast left, and that dry roast needed… View Post