The Pain Free Way To Teach Kids How To Eat Less Sugar

Today I’m teaming up with Gerber® to introduce the #formulaforhappiness campaign and their all new Non-GMO Infant Nutrition.
The Pain Free Way To Teach Kids How to Eat Less Sugar. Plus 50+ other names for sugar! www.Embellishmints.comAs a momma of two I had the most wonderful experience breast feeding both my boys. I loved the one on one time alone with them. With that being said it took me a while to realize how special it was. With my oldest I felt like it kept me away from the “party” as I’d leave and go to a secluded room alone to feed him. With my second son I quickly realized what a special time it was with him. One on one time that I needed every day.The Pain Free Way To Teach Kids How to Eat Less Sugar. Plus 50+ other names for sugar! www.Embellishmints.comIronically enough they both weaned themselves around 8 months. I didn’t do anything to encourage it, I just couldn’t provide enough for their little growing bodies. I was sad about it but I obviously knew it was best for them and their health. I guess that’s what being a parent is all about: learning what’s best for our children. Along the way my husband and I have acquired a couple tricks on how to teach kids how to eat less sugar that we feel are building healthy habits early on for our children. I want to share some of them with you too!The Pain Free Way To Teach Kids How to Eat Less Sugar. Plus 50+ other names for sugar!

Teach Kids How To Eat Less Sugar

  1. Don’t offer dessert every night and let them know why. Tell them it’s not healthy to consume a lot of sugar.
  2. If your kids want dessert or a treat give them something like raisins, or an apple with peanut butter. Raisins are extremely sweet and they will love them!
  3. Only give them juice when it’s water down. We do the ration ½ water ½ juice. When they first try it they will think it’s super sweet! Your children wont know the difference. Plus when they get a little older and have some at a friend’s house and realize the difference then you can add 100% Juice as a treat or dessert.
  4. Talk about how good food tastes instead of harping on how healthy it is for them. Talk to them about how the food tastes by saying something like, “Wow! Doesn’t this apple taste sweet?”
  5. Don’t get food just because of the fun characters on the box. Yes as your child gets older he will recognize them, but start out strong. If you must get them a treat because they love certain characters then try 100% fruit juice fruit snacks and only give them on special occasions. Those can be their really special treat for the day! Or encouragement to be really good.

I know some of these ideas sound silly or really strict but if you stick to your guns at the beginning you’ll eventually hear your son or daughter say, “Oh wow, that cake is a lot of sugar for me. I think I’ll just have a little.” Nothing is more important than their nutrition, and our boys have learned for themselves how important it is.The Pain Free Way To Teach Kids How to Eat Less Sugar. Plus 50+ other names for sugar! www.Embellishmints.comWhat are your thoughts on the fact that Gerber® Good Start® Infant Formulas are now all Non-GMO?

Share some of your own #formulaforhappiness tips and tricks below as well!


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