Touring The Newport Mansions in Rhode Island

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Check out our pictures from The Breakers

When we went to The Newport Mansions we weren’t sure exactly which tickets to get. You can get tickets to
  • each individual house {price varies}
  • A premium tour which includes a tour of The Breakers, The Elms & Marble House, the Servant Life Tour and lunch {$49}
  • Membership {$50}
We decided on the membership because we could go into any home. I’m glad we did because The Rosecliff was beautiful, and a must see. However, we didn’t realize the “smaller” homes weren’t an audio tour. They had a guide and were almost twice as long {over an hour}, and with a toddler that didn’t really work.
Here are a few pictures of me, my husband, son and mother-in-law!
Such fun memories made together

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