Traveling to Rhode Island The Breakers

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When I found out we were moving to Connecticut, Rhode Island was on the top of my list of places to visit. Last week I got to cross that off my wish list, and I’m here to tell you that Newport, Rhode Island needs to be on the top of your wish list too! I loved it. It was my kind of vacation! If you dream of going to London or Paris to see all of the beautiful castles but can’t afford to hop across the pond then Newport is the next best thing. Several of the Newport Mansions were designed after castles in Europe, and two of the five mega mansions were patterned after Versailles.

Let’s be honest, having my husband there with us was the best part. I forgot how much I enjoy spending time with him, and unfortunately I’m not kidding. This last year was rough because of his school schedule, and it all starts again on Monday.

This is how I like to pack. Pictures are a must because the last thing you want to do when on vacation is worry about what you’re going to wear! You want to get out of the hotel and explore.

The Breakers
Unfortunately you can’t take pictures inside the mansions, but here are a few shots of me and my cute boys!

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