Women’s Day Presented by Travelers

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For the last five years, Women’s Day has accompanied the first round of the Travelers Championship at TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, Connecticut. This year renowned chef Ming Tsai and fashion icon Deirdre Quinn headlined the event. 

The day began early at 7 a.m. with mingling and included a cooking demonstration with Ming Tsai and fashion show where Deirdre discussed her life in fashion.

Chef Ming owns Blue Ginger Restaurant, and he prepared won tons, martinis, and stir fry with rice noodles and shrimp. He had some great cooking tips that I want to share with you:

  • Preheat your pan then add oil, let meat stick and crust up and unstick itself, do not unstick it from the bottom before it is ready.
  • Use Canola oil, not Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Why? It has no flavor and has a high smoking temperature, so it doesn’t smoke as much as EVOO. Plus it’s cheaper!
  • The best lime juicer is a pair of tongs (pictured above)
  • Recommended Pans: All-Clad Pans
    • I can’t wait to get All-Clad Pans. They are definitely more expensive but they last so much longer then the cheap pans. The set I got for my wedding six years ago are already showing their age, but my mom has a set of All-Clad pans that she has had for over 30 years and they are still going strong!
  • If you want to start eating healthy do the little things, like changing white rice for brown
  • Soak brown rice for an hour before preparing if you are mixing with white because white rice soaks water faster.
Check out his site, Ming, for videos and information on his restaurants and new cookbook which has a barcode next to each recipe that will put a shopping list directly to your smartphone.
Deirdre Quinn, of Lafayette 148, said when starting your own business you need to focus on what you are good at and stick with it! Which are words she lived by when growing her business from five employees to 12,000. Lafayette 148 has 25 different sizes, including petite and tall, and the average size being 12.
I was not able to go to this event as I am out of the state, but my friend Maria went for me, and had a wonderful time. Hopefully I can attend next year!

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