A Beginner’s Guide To Cookie Decorating Supplies

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Cookie Decorating Supplies

Here are all of the products I absolutely love, and consider must haves when it comes to baking, and decorating cookies. If it isn’t a must have I will mention why, but I will also tell you why I have it and like it.

My all time favorite cookie cutters are toward the bottom.

Silicone Mat for Baking Sheets Nonstick!

Silicone Baking Mat Set

I’m obsessed with these mats! I wish I got them years and years ago! As I continue to bake more I will definitely stock pile these babies.




Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

This is 100% an absolute must have.
There is a reason this rolling pin is a best seller! No more wondering if your dough is even, this takes out all the guess work.


Best Selling Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Half Sheet


Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet

Having a light half sheet for baking your cookies is absolutely necessary! It helps keep the edges from getting too dark


Wilton 3-Tier Cooling Rack is wonderful for baking. It saves so much space on your countertops!

Wilton 3-Tier Cooling Rack

I love this cooling rack! It stacks up and saves so much room on your countertop!


Mini Silicone Spatulas, perfect for mixing several colors of icing!

Mini Silicone Spatulas

I love these spatulas. I like having a few on hand if I’m making several different colors of icing. That way I don’t have to keep washing the same spatula over and over again.


Top Left: Easy Squeeze Plastic Condiment Bottles 8-ounce with Red Tip Cap – Set of 6

Top Right: 2 oz Squeeze Bottle Set

Bottom Left: 3 Icing Bottles

Bottom Right: Wilton 6-Oz Squeeze Bottles

I have both the top left and top right bottles. I have found them to work well. The top right is difficult to squeeze, but these are awesome because you can add different tips to these bottles. Which allows you to add beautiful designs to your cookies.

The top left and bottom right are the same type of bottle, just different sizes

If you would like to try each bottle I’d suggest getting the bottom left bottles and determine which you like the best. Otherwise get both of the top ones.

Once you’ve tried your bottles you can determine how many bottles you actually need


AmeriColor Gel Food Coloring is great for making bright, vibrant frosting and royal icing colors!

AmeriColor Gel Food Coloring

I love AmeriColor because it gives you drop by drop control over your color. I have found that the blues and greens make beautiful, vibrant colors! If you need a lot of food coloring, however, you may want to use the food coloring below, because it won’t take you as long to add.

Wilton Icing Colors are great when you need a lot of food coloring to make your icing and frosting colors!

Wilton Icing Colors
You can apply it to your frosting little by little with a toothpick. Be sure to use a new toothpick each time you put it in your frosting. You can also use a teaspoon if you really need a lot!


Foodoodler 10 pc Color Fine Line Marker Set. Perfect for food!

Foodoodler 10 Pc Color Fine Line Marker Set

These are great for making little details on the dried royal icing sugar cookies. Also great for drawing your design/pattern on the cookie for a guide while decorating.


Quilling Tool is the perfect tool for Royal Icing Sugar Cookies!

Quilling Tool Set

This tool is necessary to even out your royal icing, and get rid of air bubbles


Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutters are perfect!

Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutters Shape Shifter (20 Pack)

All of Sweet Sugarbelle’s cookie cutters come with several ideas to decorate each. Perfect for holidays, birthday parties, and more. You will get a lot of use with this shape shifter, I promise! Sweet Sugarbelle shares cute ways to use her cookie cutters on her website, and Instagram account!

Each comes with patterns so each cookie is identical.

I really can’t say enough good things about this brand.

Sweet Sugarbelle Winter Cookie Cutter Set

Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutter Set 14 Piece Winter


Sweet Sugarbelle Speciality Cookie Cutters, Ugly Christmas Sweater and Hot Chocolate Mug

Sweet Sugarbelle 10 Piece Ugly Christmas Sweater

These are hilarious. Pretty darn amazing!


These are really great for basic cookies

Sweet Sugarbelle – Nested Cookie Cutter Sets – Flower, Rectangle & Oval

These cookie cutters are perfect for making the same cookie in different sizes.


Best Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter Set

Gingerbread 7-Piece Cookie Cutter Set

What cookie decorating supplies are a must have for you?


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