I’ve said it before, and this wont be my last time saying it I’m sure, but I love baking. It is always my go-to gift for friends and family. Especially during the holidays. This Nestle… View Post

I love mini desserts. I wonder why? Maybe it’s because if I eat more than one I don’t feel like I’m overindulging. Oh who am I kidding, this coming from the girl who ate dessert… View Post

This little treat is Y-U-M, yum! I love things like this that work with any holiday by simply replacing the candy corn with any holiday colored treat. The original recipe calls for golden grams, and… View Post

I made some amazing Snickers Brownie Bars a couple years ago, and they were a hit! But I knew there had to be an easier technique that looked better. Enter Snickers Brownie Bites. These are… View Post