How To Wear A Bikini: Postpartum Belly

If you follow me on Instagram than you already know that we recently went to Maui. It was my first time away from our boys for more than 24 hours and I was so nervous. To say I was a nervous wreck on the airplane would be an understatement. My poor husband! Before we left I purchased several swimsuits and I was so excited about them. Until we left. I started getting really self conscious because several of them were bikinis and I really didn’t know if I should wear them because of my postpartum belly. You see my pregnancies totally stretched out my stomach! Even though my youngest is almost two and I workout regularly my stomach still has a little sag to it. I seriously considered returning all my suits and wearing a t-shirt the whole time.

My husband told me over and over again that I was fine, no one cared and I looked beautiful! “Plus!,” he said, “That happened because of our boys and what a beautiful reminder of what your body can do!” He always know what to say to make me feel better!

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How To Wear A Bikini: Postpartum Belly

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Once we got settled into the hotel and I finally made my way to the pool I realized that, while I was self conscious, it was ok. No one sat and stared at me wondering why I felt I had any business wearing a bikini with my postpartum belly. All my worry was for not.

I do my best to workout regularly and hope I can get my stomach to where I want it to be, but until then I’m going to live by #NOFOMO {No Fear Of Missing Out}. Seriously! How silly would it have been if I had just hid in a corner instead of experiencing Maui the way it should be? It makes me sad to think that I almost did that, and that others definitely do do that!

I did want to share one tip with looking your best in a bikini after having a baby. It’s simple, but you have to do it if you go on vacation!

How To Wear A Bikini: Postpartum Belly

Rock Your Postpartum Belly With This ONE Tip:

  • Get a spray tan!

Seriously. Everything looks better tan! If you’re going on a tropical vacation and you don’t have much color get a spray tan 2 nights before you leave. Don’t wait until the day before because something is bound to come up and you won’t have time, and your tan will look better 48 hours after. Trust me!

Here are some of my favorite pieces this summer! I can’t wait to get my hands on these beauties:How To Wear A Bikini: Postpartum Belly! My #1 TIP on

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