One of my passions is making desserts! Cupcakes, and cake balls/cake bites (whatever you wanna call them) to be more specific! My favorite thing to do is make a batch and send them off to work with my husband, or give them to my friends. I love making them as much as I do eating them, and it works out for everyone involved because they aren’t sitting around my house, and others get to enjoy them too.

My husband surprised me with this beauty!

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It was love at first sight! Could not have been happier, infact I’m pretty sure I’ve gone through it 100 times already. This is the kind of book I like to cuddle up with on a cold winter night! haha. I can’t wait to bake ALL of these recipes!

I would really like to shake Wendy Paul’s hand because she has changed my life! Too dramatic? Ya, probably!

…Did I mention I have her cupcake book too?

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I have made a lot of these recipes and my husband’s co-workers love them! …some of their favorites include Key Lime Pie and Root Beer Float.

She also has 101 Gourmet Cookies for Everyone, but I don’t have that one. I’m not a big cookie maker. Infact I fail at making cookies! They never turn out right, they’re flat and look aweful! And let’s not kid ourselves…appearance plays a key roll! …maybe that’s why I love cake balls…it doesn’t matter how they look.

Side Note: Ya know how recipes tell you to use butter and eggs at room temperature? You ever wonder why? One of the MANY reasons is so the ingredients will mix together better. So I do this, and my frosting still turns out looking awful 9 times out of 10 (again…why I love cake balls!…it doesn’t matter what the frosting looks like!) … well I still figured out how to make it look perfect!

Make sure your milk is at room temperature too! It will make all the difference in the world in the appearance of your frosting!!! Everything that you pull out of the fridge needs to be at room temperature. I don’t know why I never did that before.


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