Women’s Day Presented by the Travelers Championship

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For several years Women’s Day has accompanied the first round of the travelers Championship at TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, Connecticut. This year World-Renowned Chef Ming Tsai, who made his second appearance, and the Founder of the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, headlined the event.

Ming Tsai shared some really great tips that I want to forward on to you, of course!

  • If you’re looking for fresh fish and the kind you need doesn’t look good, then pass on it and try another kind of fish. Most recipes work for any kind of fish.
  • If you’re making sesame salmon be sure you coat the salmon in sesame seeds after cooking, otherwise the seeds will burn.
  • He uses canola oil because it has no taste, it doesn’t burn and it is inexpensive.
    • Olive oil temperature doesn’t get as hot, and canola oil will give you a nice good crust
  • If you’re spending good money on food you might as well make it taste and look good.
  • Sit down and eat dinner as a family.
  • Fat is fat is fat. A couple years ago coconut oil wasn’t good for you and now it’s all the rage. Just be smart with what you eat and how much you eat.
I could not agree more with him. Gone are the days of families eating dinner together because children have so many activities they are being rushed off to. There are few things that can help us parents really understand our children, and what’s happening in their lives then eating a meal together as a whole. At least try once a week, when possible!
I also love that he said “fat is fat is fat.” It’s so true. Just because we are being told olive oil is good for us doesn’t mean we should go and eat it with every meal.
Tsai is hilarious. He has his own TV show and cookbooks, “Simply Ming” I have got to go find his show, because I can only imagine it’s amazing!

Arianna Huffington is quite the accomplished woman. Go ahead and google her and you will see! She has written 14 books and is on the Times 100 most influential women list. She was as entertaining as Ming was and she had a lot of great advice and comments as well.

  • Failure is not the opposite of success! It’s a stepping stone for it.
  • People think all they need is money and success, but that’s like a two legged stool, and eventually you will fall off.
  • We need to sleep. Her best advice at Brown University, where she recently spoke to their graduating class, was to the women: “Sleep your way to the top!” Getting enough sleep makes all the difference in the world.
  • We are not the masters of technology, we are the slaves. Turn off your devices and take them out of your bedroom.
  • So much of how we experience life is how we approach things. We don’t have control but we can control our reactions.
  • Our mind is a powerful thing. She told a story of a man who said, “There were many terrible things in my life. Most of them didn’t happen.”
  • Every night scan our day and drop things we don’t need to do. There’s nothing quite like finishing a project by dropping it.
  • Resentment is poison.
  • Life life as if everything is rigged in your favor
Go check out her book Thrive. I can’t wait to read it!

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